osteopathy during pregancy


Unfortunately aches and pains during pregnancy are a common but not normal occurrence. These can be treated effectively and usually quite quickly. Osteopathic care during pregnancy can help to relieve or prevent symptoms, allowing expectant mothers to feel more relaxed and enjoy their pregnancy with fewer stresses.

When there are pre-existing stresses and strains within the body prior to pregnancy, the subsequent changes that occur can often irritate and magnify these issues. This can result in issues such as muscular pain, pelvic and sacro-iliac pain, indigestion, constipation and headaches.

Osteopathic care is safe at all stages of pregnancy, although we generally tend to treat in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, since this is when you can gain the most benefit from treatment. We find the most effective approach to treatment is to use a combination of massage, stretching and the very relaxing and gentle Cranial Osteopathic techniques. This way the body’s tissues will be in the most optimum condition for the labour and birth process.

In addition to the body work, the Osteopath will often give advice on nutrition and exercises, which will benefit you and your baby. 

" I saw Adam for Cranial Osteopathy treatment in the latter stages of my pregnancy. Adam has a lovely manner and is very knowledgeable and professional. He explains everything so well and picked up on and released areas of tension in my neck and hips. Afterwards I felt much freer in my body and especially down my left side, which had been tight. I really noticed a difference and feel much better prepared for birthing my baby"